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Lin’s Linens, Inc. was created to offer support and to nurture women in treatment for cancer.

With your help in our semi-annual events and fundraisers we are able to provide peaceful healing spaces for women of all ages in treatment for cancer. Throughout the year we work with community businesses and organizations to develop opportunities for fun and engaging events with proceeds from these events supporting our mission.

For the women we support, the need to juggle so many roles in today’s daily living, often under the best of circumstances there is not much time or energy leftover for self. Receiving a diagnosis that you have a life altering illness is a devastating blow. When the person hearing that news is the one responsible for nurturing others it becomes even more difficult to reconcile. Lin’s Linens, Inc. works with our participants to identify a space within their home to be used as a healing sanctuary. With the donated services of an Interior Designer and their team, Lin’s Linens, Inc. will then create that place at no cost to the participant where the body can go and the mind and spirit can follow for renewal.

Lin’s Linens, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under
Section 501(c)(3).

The Sanctuary

Coolness stills my troubled
Torment leaves the soul
Renews my body
Embraced by spirit
I find my haven
White and Soft
Strong and Clean
Like sunlight on my face
Love and friendship
comfort me
And I bond with the light

Enfolded in the blankets on
my bed
With cat in repose on the
Myself, my space, my
I heal, I trust, I pray
I become whole again

— Petra Silva

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