Behind the Scenes: Lin’s Linens at Work

Lin’s Linens relies on the kindness and compassion of many talented people to make the sanctuary spaces a reality for our Program Sisters. In order to renovate any room, many elements must be taken into consideration. Our outreach efforts have helped inform potential candidates about what we do, and critically, have also helped spread the word that we can use many individuals’ talents and skills to fulfill our mission.

In the course of our recent efforts we have met and worked with some incredible people that have given freely of their time and skill, and all of whom have made someone’s life whom they didn’t even know a little more tranquil while they are in them midst of life changing storm. While we graciously thank them for their time, we’d also like to share with you a little bit of what they have had to say to us.

Mark Mc Stay is a licensed electrician in NJ that originally learned about Lin’s Linens from his girlfriend who heard Liz Balogh (founder of Lin’s Linens) speak at a function she attended.

“She told me how she wished she could do something to help Liz’s causes, I told her she could, that I would be happy to donate my time and skills to a project that needed an electrician and that she (my girlfriend) could be my helper. My girlfriend got in touch with Liz and within a few days I was asked to help renovate a room for one of their Program Sisters. The room had high cathedral ceilings with an old fan and some really bad fluorescent lighting. Together with Liz’s design skills we changed the fan and replaced the florescent lights with some very nice track lighting. The room was transformed into a beautiful room of tranquility. I have been in my own business for 23 years and this was one of the best experiences I have been a part of. I truly felt as though I helped to make a difference. Thank you Lin’s Linens for all you do.”

Steve McGuire is President of Paramount Painting Company in NJ.

“We have been very fortunate to have worked closely with Liz Balogh and Lin’s Linens. Opportunities like these don’t come along everyday. We prepared and painted a family room for a Program Sister in Brick, NJ. When we met her, you would not have ever believed that she had cancer. What courage it takes to make the journey needed to fight this disease. Just seeing the smile on her face when we were done gave me more satisfaction than any project we have done in the last 25 years. I am looking forward to the next project for Lin’s Linens.”

Claire Konig creates and alters window treatments in the sanctuary spaces for Lin’s Linens.

It makes me feel good to do for others.”

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