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Our mission at Lin’s Linens is to nurture and support women in treatment for cancer by creating a personal healing sanctuary that promotes a positive mind, body, and spirit connection crucial to the healing process. We are a non-profit tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3).

From Concept to Reality

“You Have Cancer”

According to statistics released by the American Cancer Society, in 2010, 1,529,560 people will hear some variation of those words. Of that number, 739,940 will be women. With those words a journey begins for both the patient and their loved ones that can become a roller coaster ride where you literally are holding on for dear life.

13 years ago, my younger sister, Lin, heard those words for the first time. Six months ago she began to face her latest challenge. For her it was particularly tough because being an outdoors person she lived for her time to be out in nature and riding her horses on the trails. She knew from experience that the rigors of the chemo regimen would leave her tired and tied to her home. As an Interior Designer, I have seen first hand how environment can affect the spirit so I devised a plan to create a healing sanctuary within her home. On a day that she was going to the doctors, I went into her bedroom and created a room that could be that healing retreat.

Seeing her positive reaction was where the seeds of Lin’s Linens, Inc. were sown. Lin’s s Linens Inc. is a nonprofit organization that supports women who are in treatment for cancer. We provide a nurturing and comforting environment promoting the mind-body-spirit connection that positively supports the healing process.

We need help and support of caring and giving people to grow this program. Together we can make this dream a reality so all who can benefit from it will be able to.

Historian and author, George Iles once said, “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”

Help us to offer that hand to women going through this reluctant journey.

Liz Balogh
Lin’s Linens, Inc.

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